Klipsch Floor-Standing Speakers Wanted

Thursday, August 30, 2007

One Pair of KLIPSCH Floor-Standing Speakers WANTED (prefer Klipschorn)

For more information, please visit www.SS427.com/klipsch

I would like to purchase another pair of Klipsch floor standing stereo loudspeakers for my home sound system.

Depending on model and condition, I am willing to pay up to the following for one pair of:

Klipschorn (sometimes referred to as K-horn, Corner-Horn, Khorn, Corner Horn, K Horn, Cornerhorn, Klipsch Horn, or Corner Speakers) - $1000

Belle Klipsch - $500

Chorus II, Cornwall, Cornwall II, KP-600, La Scala, LSI, or RF-7 - $300

Chorus, Heresy, KP-301, KP-301 II, or TSCM - $250

CP-1, Forte II, KI-362, KP-362, or KP-450 - $200

Forte, HD, Heresy II, H, HI, HIP, HISM, HSM, KP-201, KP-250, KPT-250, or KSP-400 - $150

CF-4, HP-1, KLF-30, KSM, KSP-300, Quartet, RP-5, RS-7, T-4000, T-5000, Tangent 400, or Tangent 500 - $100

I might also consider a MCM 1900 system or its individual cabinet models MWM, MWM-S, MSSM, MSM, MTM, MMTM with or without the Klipsch M-3, M-3B, M-4, M-4B passive crossover networks, or pair of the following Klipsch cinema speaker models: KPT-335-N, KPT-435-N, KPT-535-4-T, KPT-535-T, KPT-904, KPT-Jubilee 535, or KPT-MCM Grand screen and stage loudspeaker system.

My first preference is another pair of the Klipschorn or other model that came with 15-inch woofers (especially models with the furniture grade cabinetry in Ash, Cherry, Ebony, Maple, Mahogany, Rosewood, Teak, or Zebrawood with serial numbers containing the letter U, W, or X (manufactured 1980-1982).


I can also use a single one of the above Klipsch speaker models for a CENTER CHANNEL SPEAKER, or one of the following Klipsch models:

Academy, KLF-C7, KV-4, or RC-7 - $150


and one of the following SUBWOOFER models:

RSW-15 - $500

KW-120-THX / KA-1000-THX, or LF-12 - $300

KT-SW, RSW-12, SW-15, or SW-15 SERIES II - $150

KSW-15, KSW-300, LF-10, RSW-10, RW-12, SW-12, SW-12 SERIES II, or other Klipsch 12-inch or larger powered subwoofer - $100

I might also consider one of the following passive (non-powered) Klipsch subwoofers; KI-115, KI-215, KP-115, KP-480, KP-682, KP-4000, KPT-418, KPT-484, KPT-684, or KPT-884


I also need the following Klipsch parts to replace bad or incorrect drivers in my home sound system and for spare parts:

Tweeters: K-77 (see note below), K-77-M (need 3), K-79-K (need 1)

Midrange Drivers: K-51 or K-55 (see note below)

Woofers: K-22-E (need 1), K-33 (see note below), K-48-K (need 4)

Passive radiator: KD-17 (used in the KP-480) (need 1)

I can also use some spare K-77 tweeters, K-51-V, K-55-G, K-55-V, or K-55-M midrange drivers, K-33-E Woofers, and Klipsch Type AA balancing crossover networks.


These are for my own personal use in my home
www.SS427.com/stereo . I am NOT a dealer, collector, or audiophile and these will NOT be for resale. I am just looking to, as Steven Tyler puts it, “Rock It Properly”

Thank you.


Steve Shreffler


Unlike the Internet scammers and many fly-by-night eBay members, I have had the same eBay user name and verified I.D. since 1998 with over 600 positive eBay feedbacks from Sellers that I bought from in flawless transactions, same physical address since 1973, same bank account number and telephone number since 1977, same business location and spouse since 1979. I can also supply references that are easily VERIFIABLE through local business, government, and law enforcement as well, as I am an appointed City board member, and am licensed at both the State and Federal USA levels in the automobile, firearms, and legal industries. While I am not an eBay seller, please view my eBay feedback to see what hundreds of sellers have to say about my purchases and instant payments

I can pay immediately via PayPal (Instantly via my bank account - not credit card or eCheck) as I have a PayPal PREFERRED account with a PayPal CONFIRMED non-residential shipping address and have taken the additional steps to advance my account to the PayPal VERIFIED level as a PayPal PREMIER member with the same PayPal account in good standing for over FIVE years. Please feel free to check me out through PayPal


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